• Daniel Matej - Memories of You

1. NICE for string quartet
fama Q - David Danel, Roman Hranička, Ondřej Martinovský, Balász Adorján

2. I tried them and they were all ROTTEN...

Ivan Šiller - piano

3. Memories of You No. 1 (14 Variations for J.C.)

Klára Loczi - voice, Anne La Berge - flute, Boris Lenko - accordion, Enikő Ginzery - cimbalom, Marián Lejava - conductor

4. CHORALS (on SDFE) for Conlon Nancarrow for audio device


Jone ROse - solo violin, Matej Ensemble of the Elder´s Conservatory of the Adelaide University, Daniel Matej - conductor

6. (when I´m) FIFTY (for) piano (LULLABY)

Ivan Šiller - piano, Branislav Dugovič - clarinet, bass clarinet, Daniel Matej - tuned bottles, whistling

7-11. CAVE SONGS (remixed) for audio device, stereo version

12. Fragile (to Fryderyk Chopin, Anton Webern and Morton Feldman)

Ivan Šiller - piano

Daniel Matej - Memories of You

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